Hone Your Technical Writing Skills

Attend technical writing workshops by experts, participate in a Jamstack content hackathon, get paid to write and publish content you create

Date: 18th - 26th September, 2021


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Technical Writers

Writers of all levels with JavaScript knowledge

  • Learn from experts how to create technical content from scratch.
  • Write--with pay--an article during the event, receiving prizes for exceptional content.
  • Build a product demo or feature using Auth0 and Cloudinary technologies.
  • Spotlight modern Jamstack tools and technologies in the content.
  • Network with peers in the technical-writing arena.

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Technical Editors

Editors with prior technical or literary experience

  • Attend technical-writing workshops hosted by experts.
  • Review--with pay--technical content created during the event.
  • Facilitate a developer program.
  • Network with peers in the technical-editing and writing arena.

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